Queensland school students with autism are getting a free ride to their new magnet school because parents are demanding the same treatment as the rest of the country.

The students at Magnet School for Children with Disabilities are also receiving a free lunch every day, but instead of attending school on a fixed-term basis, they are getting three-day visits to the school, which has a two-day lunch and three-and-a-half-day recess for students with learning difficulties.

A spokeswoman for the Magnet School of Excellence said the school was “fully committed” to giving its students the same support as the community.

“We know the challenges our students face at school and it’s been important to us to give the children who need support the same kind of support they receive in the community,” she said.

Parents at Magnet are also upset that they are being forced to pay for a visit to the magnet school when they are not in school.

Magnet Education Manager Emma Williams said the visit would be “unbelievably expensive” for parents and was something they would “not be comfortable doing”.

“It’s not like our school is a luxury hotel for them,” she told the ABC.

In NSW, schools are also offering free lunch for kids of all ages in the magnet community.

The magnet school is at the end of the street in the town of Waverley, on the edge of Newcastle.

The school was established by a private charity, but parents and staff are now on their own to run the school.

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