The weather could be warming up for magnets, too.

A new study has found that, while the poles remain a magnet, they can also become more magnetically stable.

The team from the University of Copenhagen used a technique called magnetism diffusion to map out how the magnetic field on Earth could change under varying amounts of magnetic field strength.

The researchers found that if a strong magnetic field is applied, the poles tend to lose their magnetism, and this loss in magnetism is known as a magnetization.

But if a weak magnetic field (the weaker the field, the less the pole is magnetized) is applied at the same time, the strength of the magnetic pull does not change.

This could lead to a magnetizing change in the field.

A stronger field would result in a stronger field, and a weaker field would lead to more magnetization, which would lead back to a stronger magnetic field.

These changes in field strength can be seen as a spectrum of magnetic fields.

If you were to apply a strong field to a single magnet at the top of a rotating sphere, the field would be able to pull all the other magnets in the sphere closer together.

This would create a magnetically weak field, so the field strength would drop to zero.

But when the field is shifted around, this field strength is no longer a single point, but instead changes in a spectrum with the strength increasing and decreasing at different rates.

The same phenomenon can be observed with the magnetic fields on the ground.

This is because the field can be shifted between different areas in the Earth, and changes in the magnetic force between these different areas can cause the field to shift in a more or less direction.

This means that when the magnetized surface of a surface changes, the force from the magnetization could be shifted to either the magnetosphere or the magnetotank.

This may lead to changes in magnetic field strengths in the surface, depending on the direction the field was applied.

This study could provide an insight into how the magnetism in the earth might change under different types of magnetic forces, including solar and cosmic radiation.

“It’s a fundamental question, why is the field so strong, and it’s the same for all the planets and all the suns, and all our stars,” says Erik Gebhardsen, a professor of physics at the University in Copenhagen.

“The idea is that we should understand how the field changes when we apply different kinds of forces on the earth.”

It’s not clear how the changes in magnetization on the Earth could relate to changes on the sun, but Gebattsen believes it is possible.

“In the past, when the magnetic forces were weaker, the sun was a lot hotter, so it has a lot more energy.

This solar cycle could be associated with changes in Earth’s magnetosphere, and also with changes of solar wind,” he says.

The results of this study are published in the journal Nature Communications.

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