Magnetic field formulas are being created by researchers in the US and Europe to guide the development of magnetic field generating devices.

Magnet schools are small, portable magnet coils with a magnetic field that can be used to provide electricity for homes and businesses.

In addition to generating electricity, the field is also used to create a magnetic barrier for the coil.

The University of Wisconsin’s Scott and Anne Miller created a magnetic formula that is based on magnetic field measurements and can be applied to designs for the new magnetic field generator.

The research is described in the journal Advanced Materials.

The new formula has the advantage of being stable and non-volatile, which means it will not be damaged by temperature fluctuations, said lead author Scott Miller, professor of materials science and engineering and engineering.

The magnetic field formula is a key ingredient for designing devices that generate magnetic fields for their applications, Miller said.

“A magnet field generator can generate an electric field at the coil and a magnetic magnetic field at its end,” he said.

“The coil itself generates an electric and magnetic field.

We can also control the voltage that the coil generates.”

The Miller-Miller team is currently developing a prototype of a magnetic coil that generates a magnetic force at the end of the coil with a current of 2 milliamps (mA), Miller said, which will be able to produce an electric current at the top end of its coil at 2mA.

The device is also able to generate an additional magnetic field and maintain a constant magnetic field by using an additional coil to provide the additional magnetic force, Miller added.

The team is working to determine the optimal magnetic field strength for a device, which could be important for applications like solar power, to generate a magnetic current at each end of a device and maintain an electric voltage at each coil.

Researchers have also been developing magnetic field generators that can generate electricity, and the new formula could help to guide their development, Miller noted.

The Miller and Miller team is planning to start testing a magnetic generator for home use in 2017.

Miller said the formula could be used for applications including electric vehicles, power grids and mobile devices that are capable of generating magnetic fields.

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