USA Today article The latest and greatest gadget to enter the home is the Magnetic Door Lock.

The device uses magnetic energy to activate a door and lock it, which then automatically unlocks when you’re away from the door.

Magnetic door locks are a great way to keep your home secure when you leave it unattended and the price tag is not too expensive.

For some people, this is the perfect solution to the security issues that have plagued many of the older models of door locks.

But for those of us who like to have the ability to lock the door from the outside in a way that’s easier to reach, there are better solutions out there.

Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your door-locked security system.1.

A magnetic lock with a spring, cord and a switch1.

If you don’t want to use a switch, the simplest option is to buy a magnetic lock.

It’s a simple device with a magnetic spring and a cord.

It uses an electronic circuit to turn a switch on and off.

The switch can be a magnet or a simple circuit.

For example, you can buy a door opener that’s just a spring or a cord and you can use the spring to lock a door with a cord to activate it.

A magnet would be the best choice for this.2.

A cord and magnet cord2.

You can purchase a cord with a magnet and a spring on it.

These cord and spring cords are available online and can be made in a wide range of colors.

You might find a cord that’s really strong and a magnet cord that you can bend to make it bend.


A cable cord and cable magnet3.

If your cord is a cord or magnet cord, then you can purchase it with a cable.

The cable cord is just a piece of metal with a hook and loop on it that can be attached to a door or to your door.

A common cable cord for home security is a white nylon cord.


A door-bell magnet4.

You have options for your doorbell magnet if you want it to work with your magnetic door locks, too.

For most people, you want a doorbell that has an activated button on the side of the door and an audible click when it turns.

For a cord magnet, the activated button should be on the back of the cord.

This will help you turn the magnet cord when it’s time to activate your door lock.


A switch or cord magnet5.

If the cord magnet doesn’t have a button on it, you might have a cord switch.

This cord switch works like a cord on your electric door.

It will turn on the door when it detects a magnet, but it won’t turn on your door unless you’re in a specific room.

A standard cord switch can cost around $10 and will have a small magnetic spring attached to it.

The cord switch is made of a flexible plastic and can easily be bent to be attached or detached.

It can also be turned on and set to activate when you are in a certain room.


A button or cord switch6.

The button or switch on a cord can be an activated-button type switch.

The activated button can be placed on the cord or switch and turned on when you need to turn the door lock on.

The LED lights can also work on a switch.

If it’s not an activated switch, it will turn off the door, and it will only work for a limited amount of time.


A lock that’s an activated cord8.

You’ll need to buy some kind of cord magnet that has a magnetic force.

You will probably need a cord for this because a cord will only activate the door if it’s attached to the door in a magnetic field.

If a cord has a coil, then it’s a coil magnet.

You could buy a cord coil magnet that’s attached with a simple spring and loop.

It works like an activated lock and will only lock when the door is in a closed position.

This is a great option for someone who doesn’t want the magnetic pull of a cord, but needs to lock their door when they leave.

The magnetic force of a coil is about 5,000 gauss.

You would also need to attach the cord to a magnetic pole, such as a magnet pole, to turn it on and then off.


A battery magnet that activates a cord9.

If there are cord magnets that you have lying around that are activated cord magnets, they will also work with a battery magnet.

These are called battery magnets and they can be bought at any hardware store or online.

They have an active magnet on the bottom and an activated spring that can activate the cord, too, so they’re really great for people who need to activate locks or cord magnets.


A combination cord and magnetic door door magnet10.

You don’t have to use all of these options.

You also have

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