Magnetic tool holders for the homes of those who work at the end of the day or for those who use the tools for daily chores may soon be in stock in Dubai.

Al Jazeera spoke to a local retailer about the possibilities of using these devices for everyday tasks such as turning on the air conditioning or washing dishes.

The store owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told Al Jazeera: “In the past, I’ve used them as a tool for lifting the doors to open and shut doors or opening and closing windows.”

The magnets can be used for other tasks, like opening and shutting the fridge, so we’re currently looking at ways of putting them in other kinds of applications.

“He added that this type of tool holder was also being used to power the microwave in the UAE.

The owner said that in future he would likely use the devices in other ways to control the air conditioner or to check the temperature of the house.

He added: “We have to do this in a way that is secure and secure and safe, so it’s not a danger to the residents.

“But we have to be careful, we are not a security agency.

We are not the government.”

This is not the first time a magnetic tool holder has been seen in Dubai – last year, a similar device was sold for 10,000 dirhams (about $1,400).

In October, the UAE’s Minister of Civil Aviation and Infrastructure, Khaled al-Mokdad, announced that the UAE had been awarded the contract for the development of a “smart tool” to monitor air quality.

He said that the device would be installed at five new airports, including Dubai International Airport, and would allow the authorities to monitor the air quality and take action to prevent air pollution.

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