Magnetic scissors are just what you think they are.

But, as with most things in life, the truth is a bit more complicated than that.

While a lot of people use them to cut magnets out of paper, magnetic scissors have been used to cut into metal all over the world for centuries.

The tool, however, is actually quite rare and very, very expensive.

The first magnet was invented by German inventor Otto Wissler in 1776.

It is known as the Wissel-Winger magnet and was patented by German industrialist Johann Gottlieb von Liebig in 1857.

He wanted to use the magnet to cut out iron wire to power his factory.

It was not until the mid-20th century that a second version was invented and it was called the Wister magnet.

It’s an old fashioned metal cutter.

Wister magnets are still used in the US to cut metal into small pieces.

And, as we all know, magnets don’t like to stay on a shelf.

The magnet can be cut into any size.

The best use of a magnet is to hold a string of metal in place.

As it is a wire, the string of string can be bent in a few degrees.

This will make the string bend.

If the string is large enough, you can cut the string to any length.

If it’s small enough, a magnetic cutter can be used to make it shorter.

To make a string shorter, you first use a piece of string to be cut.

The string can then be folded in half, and the shorter piece of the string held in place with a magnetic field.

When the string has been folded, it can be gently rotated in an attempt to pull the magnet out.

The result is the magnet will snap and it will be cut in half.

But this magnet has no effect on the length of the wire.

This is because the wire itself has no magnetic properties and will always remain in its original position.

However, a magnet can still be used in a pinch to make a short string.

The wire can be made longer by using the same method.

When you fold a string in half with a magnet, the magnet snaps.

The longer string is then stretched in the opposite direction, making a longer string.

This makes the string longer.

It doesn’t matter what length you use the magnetic cutter to cut the wire, as long as the magnet is able to snap it out.

In this case, you’re using a magnetic needle to pull out the string.

Magnetic scissors have a reputation for being incredibly useful tools.

They are very durable and can be easily used in most situations.

You don’t have to be a professional to use them.

But they’re expensive and they can be a little expensive to use.

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