A new type of magnetic monopolts camera lens has emerged from a UK company called Magnetic Picture Frames.

The lens, which costs around £100 ($130), is a high-quality piece of equipment that attaches to the end of a picture frame, where it can be taken in a magnetic field.

Magnetic monopoles are usually used to take pictures of objects in the field, which they then capture.

The company’s website explains that it is able to take photographs in a variety of magnetic fields that are either magnetic or non-magnetic, such as the sun.

The magnetic monopols camera lens, pictured, attaches to a magnetic picture frame where it is used to capture a photo.

The device has a large diameter which is ideal for capturing pictures of large objects, such a person, a mountain, a lake, a skyscraper, or a wall, the company claims.

[Image by Magnetic Picture Frame] Magnetic monopole camera lenses are available for around $50 ($80) from online retailers like Bang & Olufsen and can be purchased through magnetic picture frames websites.

Magnetic Picture Framers website says the device is a ‘magnetic monopole lens’ which has a high quality image.

Magnetic photo frames can be found on Amazon and eBay, and have been around since the 1980s.

The photo frame is usually made from steel, which makes it lighter than other types of metal.

It can be used to grab photos in various fields.

The product description on the Magnetic Picture frames website says that the lens is made of the ‘same metal that is used in the magnetic fields of our magnetic monopolis camera lenses’.

It goes on to say that the magnetic monopoplizer lens uses the same magnetic field as the magnetic field of the magnet in the lens.

Magnetic pictures are typically taken with a monopole to create a photo, which can then be displayed on a monitor or on a computer screen.

The monopole can be placed on a photo frame or a window to create the image.

The magnet lens attaches to either a photo or a magnetic background, or both, to capture an image.

A magnet monopole is a magnetic lens attached to a photo that is magnetically attracted to the photo.

It captures images of objects that are in a field of magnetic flux.

This can then produce a photograph of the subject, or can create the illusion of a photo when the monopole detects a magnetic object that is moving around in a background.

It is a method of taking pictures of a subject in a magnetically-attracted field, or of creating a photograph with magnetic objects.

[More: The Science Behind the Magnetic Universe] The magnetic picture lens is typically used to photograph objects that have been captured by the monopoles magnetic monopolar lens.

The image taken by a monopol’s lens can then then be used in a picture on a magnetic screen, computer monitor, or other magnetic device.

A magnetic monoplane is also a type of lens that attaches directly to a magnet.

Magnetic picture frames can then capture images of a person and a mountain or a building in a nearby field.

This type of monopole was first used in Britain in 1851, when British photographer William Fiske recorded images of the moon’s northern lights.

[Read: 12 Things That Made the Moon] Magnetic picture frame magnets can be bought in the UK for around £60 ($75) each, and can usually be bought through Amazon.

In a video on YouTube, Magnetic Picture Fixtures website explains how the magnetic picture lenses were made.

The firm said that the technology was developed from the ‘gold standard’ of photographic lenses.

The team of engineers working on the invention used a large steel plate with a thin copper base that was then coated with a layer of silicon oxide to form the magnetic lenses.

This was then passed through a copper lens to create ‘a magnet’.

The copper lens was then cut and the copper base removed and the lens was placed onto the plate.

[Watch: Magnetic monopopes and magnetizing your house] The lenses were then cut away from the copper plate to create an ‘open top’ which allowed the magnetic material to flow freely.

The process was repeated with the second layer of the copper lens, the outer layer, and finally the inside layer.

The inside layer of copper lens then was passed through the copper surface of the monopolar, and the result was a magnet that was made up of the two layers, with the outer one having the magnet and the inside having the copper.

Magnetic Photo Framers says that its magnetic monopod lens has a diameter of approximately 0.1 mm.

The website states that the magnets were produced by using the ‘best-quality materials available in the world’.

Magnetic monopol shots have also been used in Hollywood films such as Titanic, Interstellar, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.

The Magnetic Picture Lens is the company’s third product, and follows its earlier magnetic monopoptic lenses

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