Magnetic doors have a magnetic field, and the magnetic field can change the way the door operates.

But that field can also alter how you interact with magnets, and that can make magnets a bit of a hassle. 

For example, when you’re holding your finger against the door, the door can pull away.

You could try to press the door firmly against your finger, but the door will pull back even harder.

This creates a “magnetic tug”. 

Magnetic doors work best when the door has a large enough field that it can exert some force on your fingers, but not too much.

This is why magnets are often designed with small magnets, so they can’t pull away from your finger.

Magnetic door magnets are available in different strengths, but all magnets have the same ability to pull on your finger and make it difficult to open the door.

It’s best to avoid magnets that have large magnets, as they can cause problems.

The magnet in the picture is the Magnetic Door Catch magnet, available from most places.

You can buy magnets from your local store, but most of the time magnets will be magnetised by a shop or online.

If you have a magnetised door, you’ll need to take the door apart and put the magnetised parts in a box, or use a magnetiser.

Magnetisers work by pulling apart a magnet, and you can attach them to the magnetiser, which pulls the magnet apart.

You can also use a small magnetiser to put the door back together.

To make sure your magnetiser works, open the magnetising door and hold the door up in the air for about five seconds.

The magnet will pull apart, and then the magnetisation will kick in.

It’s important to keep the magnet in contact with the door for safety reasons.

You should be able to press your finger into the door at this point.

Now you’ve got your magnetised doors, take them out of the box and put them back together again.

Again, the magnet will now pull apart again, and again, it will pull out of contact with your finger at this time.

If you press your fingers together and the magnetises, the magnets will pull in and the door should open.

If not, you could try pressing them back against the magnet.

When the magnet has been pulled out of a magnetising magnetiser or a box and you’ve opened the door again, try again.

You’ll probably have to re-magnetise the magnet to get it to move.

You might also want to use another magnetiser instead of the one you used, to make sure the magnet still works.

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