NEW YORK — How to buy magnets for your bedroom and your bathroom is becoming easier with the launch of a new company called Magnetic Sweeper.

The company sells magnets for just about everything, from ceiling fans to bathroom doors to shower curtains, including the one used in the famous “Hail Mary” touchdown catch by quarterback Tom Brady.

Magnetic Sweeper also makes magnetic fabric and magnets for furniture, furniture accessories and even for the solar panels on your roof.

“It’s a very affordable and very accessible option that you can use for many, many things,” said Rob Loomis, Magnetic Sweeter’s CEO.

Magnetism, a type of magnetic energy, has become more affordable over the last few years and is available in a wide range of different sizes, colors and designs.

Loomist says the new Magnetic Sweeping line of magnets is more affordable than previous lines, like the older Magnetic Septum.

The new Magnetic Septic is a larger version of the Magnetic Sweepers magnetic fabric, with an even larger hole, to create more space for the magnets to fit through.

Loomis says magnetic fabric is made of plastic and it can be used in many different ways.

Lamenting that a magnet can be “soft and sticky” and not actually good at holding an object in place, he says the magnets are “just like plastic but they’re really strong.”

Loomist also says the newer magnetic fabric has a “thick, very flexible” material that holds the magnets in place.

The material is stronger than most materials, which helps it stay in place and doesn’t scratch the fabric.

There are several ways you can buy a magnetic fabric for your bathroom.

The company makes magnets for shower curtains and the most popular is the “Hallelujah” version of a magnetic strip.

Lorna Koehn, the company’s vice president of marketing, says the Halleluah strip can be hung from the wall or attached to a wall outlet, which is a common way to hang them in your home.

Another popular option is the magnetic sweeper, which uses magnets to pull down the curtains or curtains in your bathroom to pull up the fabric to pull out the magnets.

There are also “bunny tails” for curtains, which you can attach to the wall and pull them up and down.

Koehn says there are a number of other magnets available for home use, including one that you’ll find in a shower curtain, one for a shower head, and one for ceiling fans.

Magmag is not the only company making magnetic fabric.

Other companies, like Loomiscool, make magnetic strips and magnets that are used for doors, window blinds, wall hangings and other types of objects.

They are available in sizes that can be purchased individually or can be sold in packs of 10.

Lomartis says Magnetic Sweeps magnetic strip can work on most doors.

There is a button in the strip that lets you turn it on or off, and it will only work on certain doors.

He says the company does have magnets that work on all of the doors.

Loma has a number magnetic strip options for the home, but he says that is not a common option.

The older Magnetic Sweets line of magnet was made of a plastic-like material called “Pellets,” which are also used for curtains.

Loma says these Pellets are very hard and flexible and can be attached to almost anything.

Magical Sweeper uses these older magnetic fabrics, but there is a new one called the “Spiral” fabric that is much more flexible.

Lomarti says the fabric has more holes, making it more secure to the fabric, and a magnet is attached to the inside of the strip.

The Spiral fabric is available for just $19.99 at the Magnetic Sleeper website.LOMARTIS says the Spiral fabric has holes in the bottom of the fabric that are much larger than the holes in current magnetic fabrics.

He adds that the Spiral is a more expensive version of Magnetic Sweeting, but it is also a “great product for anyone who likes the look and feel of Magnetic Sleeping.”LOMartis also says that Magnetic Sweet is more of a “starter” product, which means it has been around for a while.

He has no plans to expand the company to make more magnetic fabrics or to offer other product lines.

Lombardo, Loomislicki and Lomar have all made the company their businesses.

LOMARTI is the founder, LOMBARDI is CEO, and LOMAR is president of LOMASTIC, which includes LOMSTIC, LOBSTER, and SLEEPING.

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