Magnetic whiteboards have become a popular way of teaching a class.

They’re great for creating interactive spaces, teaching history and creating a bit of a pop culture twist, and have been used to teach kids about science, history and history of science.

But what if you could make them your own?

How to turn boring, dull whiteboards into a magnetic white board The first step to learning a new subject is learning how to do it yourself.

And in this case, it’s not just about the material, it is also about the method.

There are plenty of online resources out there to help you learn, but you need to do your own research.

You’ll need to look through a catalogue, pick up some tools and materials, find some of the most popular tutorials, and then come up with your own ideas.

Here are five of my favourite ideas for making your own whiteboards for teaching history, science and history.

First, find out how to make a magnet.

Find out how you can make a magnetic Whiteboard.


Get a magnet The first thing you need is a solid piece of cardboard.

There is a great tutorial on the website on how to get one from a local electronics store.

Once you’ve got the piece, use it to stick the magnets on the board.


Drill holes in the cardboard Next, put a small hole through the top of the cardboard.


Insert magnets Insert the magnets in the hole and press them down firmly to the cardboard so that the magnets stay put.


Tape down the magnets Next, tape down the cardboard to prevent the magnets from escaping.


Label the magnets When you’ve finished with the magnets, you’ll need a label so that you can label the magnets.

The easiest way to label them is to use stickers.

Use stickers to label the magnet and the material you used to make it.

For example, you could label the material as: magnet, magnetboard, whiteboard, magnetic board.

Alternatively, you can use pictures of magnets and the materials you used.


Label your material to make sure you’re using the correct material If you use magnets, label the magnetic material to ensure that the material is from a reputable source.


Label all the material Once you’re done with the labels, use a glue gun or your hands to make your labels.


Use glue to label your magnets and whiteboard Next, attach the magnets and label the whiteboard.

Use adhesive tape to make the glue stick to the whiteboards, making sure that it sticks to the magnets with no gaps.


Put labels on the magnets You can put the labels on either the magnets or whiteboard if you’d like, but this will make the magnets easier to identify.


Label everything You can label everything on the white boards, too.

For instance, you might label the top surface of the white board, or the top edge of the magnets if you’ve put them in the middle of the board, such as the middle, top or bottom.

You can also label the glue used to glue the magnets to the board using labels like: glue, glueboard, magnet, white board.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same labels, but it will help make it easier to remember what’s going on.

If you have any questions about learning to use magnets or any of the other topics covered in this tutorial, please let me know in the comments.

I’ll be posting more lessons on the ABC Learning Hub soon.

Check back later to find out more.


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