The latest version of the X-Men is about to enter the realm of movies.

Marvel Studios and its production company, 20th Century Fox, have been in talks with the studio for about a year about a possible movie based on a series of X-men comics that were published in the 1980s and 1990s by writer Brian Michael Bendis.

But the studio was not interested in going forward with the project until the company reached out to Marvel about the possibility.

“We were really interested in seeing if there was anything we could do to bring something to life, but we were really open to other ideas,” said Chris McKay, a senior vice president at 20th.

“And so we reached out and talked with Marvel.

And we’re really happy with what they’ve done.

We’re really thrilled about the direction they’re heading.”

McKay said the studio is confident that the X series will survive the movie adaptation and that it would make sense for the film to take place in a post-apocalyptic world.

“There’s so many different elements that could be added to the story, and there’s just so much room for improvement,” McKay said.

“So we’re very excited about it, and we’re looking forward to doing it.”

McKay and other officials with the Fox studio told Buzzfeed that the studio has been in discussions with 20th about making a movie based entirely on the X characters for some time, and that the production company has been pursuing an X-themed movie with Marvel for a long time.

“The X characters are such a powerful part of the Marvel brand and it’s something that we’re all super excited about,” McKay told Buzzkill.

“It’s an opportunity to create something that fans can be proud of and can share their passion for.”

The studio also said it would not be interested in creating a spin-off movie, but would be open to a comic book adaptation of X, if it were made.

McKay added that he and other members of the studio are excited about the idea of adapting the X books for the big screen, and said that the film is still in its early stages.

“Obviously we have a lot of ideas about what it could be, and they’re all still very early,” McKay added.

“But there’s a ton of ideas and we all love the characters.”

The first movie based around the X comics, X-23, debuted in 2007.

The first film based on the comic was X-Force, which came out in 2011.

McKay said that 20th is still planning for the next movie to take its place, but he was quick to note that he had not yet discussed with Fox the details of a sequel.

“Fox is a very important part of our business,” McKay explained.

“They really make all the decisions on how we’re going to do the films, so I’m not going to tell you when that might be.”

McKay also declined to comment on the rumored X-22 movie, saying only that the character is “still under development” and that he has “no comment.”

McKay, who is also Marvel’s VP of development, added that Fox is “very, very committed” to bringing the X movies to the big-screen.

“I know Fox is very interested in bringing it to the screen, but it’s a really interesting story to tell and it would take a lot to make it a reality,” McKay noted.

“You have to be a filmmaker to do it.”

Marvel Studios Chairman and CEO Kevin Feige also has not confirmed any details of an X movie, except that the team is working with the company on an adaptation.

“That’s something we’re working on,” Feige told Buzzy about a potential X movie.

“When we have the time, we’ll share more information.”

McKay has previously said that Marvel is interested in the idea, and Feige has also said that he would love to see the X films get made.

The X-books have been a major part of Marvel’s comics lineup, and their popularity has led to other movies focusing on the series, such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which debuted in May 2015.

McKay, however, said that his experience with the X universe was not enough to make him believe that the comics will not survive the X franchise.

“If you read my book X-Factor, it was about six issues into it, I was so taken by the world that it was the best book of the year,” McKay recalled.

“Marvel did a wonderful job of making it a comic that fans really love.

The movies just didn’t do that for me.”

McKay is one of the most outspoken fans of the comics, and he has a lot more experience with X than most people.

“A lot of the things I’ve been exposed to have made me very passionate about comics, even if they’re not in a movie,”

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