A high school magnet teacher in Pennsylvania is teaching her students how to create their own magnetic lashes and make them into high-tech household items.

The magnet school teacher, Kelli McNeil, says she is teaching magnet students how they can create a new type of magnet, which can then be used as a high-powered electric fence to stop other magnets from being placed in the area.

McNeil told CBS affiliate WVN the students are getting the hang of it and they are getting creative, and she said they are learning to make the magnet by themselves.

She said they even have a homemade tool they use to attach the magnets.

She said they use a pair of magnets to hold their hands to the end of a long wire, which she said holds a large piece of magnet material in place.

“I think the idea that a magnet can be used for a fence is something I’m really excited about,” McNeil said.

She added the students have even created their own homemade tools and are teaching the class how to use them.

McNeil said she has been a magnet teacher for more than 20 years and is an experienced educator.

This isn’t the first time she has taught the class.

In 2015, McNeil was on assignment with the Philadelphia-area magnet schools to teach magnet students.

That same year, McNeill said she and her colleagues discovered the first ever magnet in her backyard.

The magnet was made of a wire with a hole through it.

McNeil says she decided to make it her own after learning that a neighbor had a magnet in the backyard.

She added that they were able to sell it to someone in her community and made it their own.

A year later, McNateson said she was able to buy the magnet for her school for $10,000.

She is also selling the magnets online and at her store.

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