A new study finds that magnets and magnetic doors have the same effects on our brains.

Magnetic fields are strong and magnetic magnets are extremely strong.

That’s why magnets attract the attention of children.

It also means that children are magnetically attracted to people.

The magnets themselves are also magnetic.

So the magnets are making us crazy. 

In the study, scientists at the University of Toronto and Harvard Medical School analyzed brain activity from people with autism spectrum disorders and found that people with the condition were less likely to notice their magnetic fields when they were exposed to magnetic windows.

The magnetic fields had no effect on brain activity in people with ASD.

The researchers were able to show that a person with ASD who had seen their magnetic field “significantly increased” during the first two weeks of the study was more likely to report that they were attracted to a magnetic window, compared to a control group who saw their magnetic signals not increase.

The findings, published in the journal Brain, may have implications for helping people with neurological disorders like autism learn to adjust to their environment.

In addition to the magnetic windows, researchers also examined the brain activity of adults who were shown magnetic fields in their home, which can be a sign of the environment being magnetic.

Participants in this study were more likely than control participants to report seeing their magnetic signs.

In the paper, the researchers say the magnetic field effects could be caused by different mechanisms.

The brain is a fluid-filled structure, so if a magnetic field is felt, there is potential for that fluid to move in response.

The researchers also found that when the magnetic signals were felt, it could be related to the way the brain processes and responds to sensory input.

For example, when the brain was exposed to a loud sound, the areas in the brain that are associated with hearing can become more active.

If you hear a loud noise, you are more likely the brain is going to respond by moving to the location where the noise is coming from, the study found.

“We have shown that when you feel a magnetic stimulus, the brain may respond to that as a sensory signal, which is a process that we call an adaptive response,” said lead researcher Dr. Jennifer A. Novelli, who is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the NYU School of Medicine.

 “We can hypothesize that this may lead to better learning because we’re not going to be as reliant on the environment.” 

In order to get a better understanding of how the brain responds to magnetic stimuli, Novellis team began by looking at brain imaging data.

They found that the brains of people with a range of neurological disorders were significantly less likely than healthy people to respond to magnetic fields.

They also found brain activity was lower in people who had had a magnetic shock and magnetic windows before they developed autism. 

While it’s unclear how much of the magnetic signal is caused by magnetic fields and how much is simply a consequence of their physical environment, Norelli says it’s possible magnetic fields affect brain activity.

“It’s not as clear how much the brain has an effect on the magnetic response,” she said.

“Our data suggest that the brain can influence magnetic fields.”

In the end, the magnetic window study does not show that the magnetic stimuli cause people with autistic disorder to become more sensitive to magnetic signals.

Rather, the findings suggest the magnetic stimulation could help people with this disorder learn to adapt to their surroundings.

“What we’re trying to do is explain how the human brain is wired,” Novello said.

“This is an interesting study that demonstrates a neural basis for how we experience the world.”

The authors of the paper did not have a financial or personal interest in the study.

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