A new business car magnet with “magic” magnets could be making it to the market.

The Business Car Maglev is a hybrid of a commercial truck and a high-tech car magnet.

It can travel at up to 70 mph and uses the same magnets that power the magnets in the Tesla Roadster.

But it’s more than just a magnet for your car.

Its magnets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as be used to heat your house.

Business car magnetry is a technology that combines electromagnetics, magnetism, and magnetology in a single system.

Its popularity with the automotive industry is growing as people look for new ways to boost the energy efficiency of their cars and trucks.

According to BusinessCarMaglev.com, its main competitor is a product called the “Energizer” by a company called EM-Maglev, which is a joint venture between the Swiss company EM-Plus and the Japanese company Kinetik.

EM-plus is known for its hybrid vehicles, which can go from zero to 60 mph in just 1.4 seconds.

EM Maglev’s commercial car magnets are similar to EM-Super, but they’re a bit different, as they have a built-in heat exchanger that converts hot air to electricity.

According the BusinessCarmaglev.org, “Maglev’s technology is based on an electromagnetic field.

It’s the opposite of traditional magnets that rely on an external magnetic field to provide the energy needed for magnetism.

Maglev magnets use this electromagnetic field to generate energy.

The difference between EM-MAGEV and EM-SAC is that EM-maglev has a large internal magnet and EM SAC uses a large external magnetic force.

Electromagnetic forces are the building blocks of magnetism and magnetism itself.

Maglevs magnets use a unique mechanism to create energy.

Electrons are created when a small magnet in a magnet is struck by a large one.

Magnetic forces are generated when the two are aligned, so a small field of electricity or magnetism will result when the magnets align.

Magnetic forces can be generated by a magnet’s own magnetic field, a field created by a magnetic field created on an outside of the magnet, or by an external force.

MagLev’s magnets are also designed to work in concert with electromagnets in your car, truck, or motorcycle.

When they’re used in conjunction with a magnet that is capable of magnetizing and deforming, a powerful magnetic field can be created, allowing the magnet to be moved from one place to another without any energy loss.

The magnetic properties of the car magnet and its internal magnet are also used to create a super-stable magnetic field that keeps the magnet’s magnetic field in place, even if the car is not moving.

The EM-Mmaglev magnets are available in five different sizes.

The magnet is about 7 inches long, about 2 inches wide, and weighs around 8 pounds.

BusinessCarMagrel.com says that while it’s currently limited to vehicles that are equipped with the EM-Magnlev, they’re looking to build other cars with the magnet as well.

The company says they’re also working with a few other companies to develop other versions of the magnets that are compatible with other vehicles.

According to Businesscarmaglev, the company is planning to begin production of magnets for use in other commercial vehicles as early as 2020.

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