Google is rolling out a new set of magnetic face masks with a variety of uses, but the most exciting is that they can be used to control a smart home.

Google is using a new technology called the magnetic waveguide to help create the magnetic masks that the company is showing off today.

The waveguide is made of metal and consists of two magnetic poles and a thin magnetic field.

Each magnet is attached to a copper plate and a silicon chip inside, and the entire device is then magnetically connected to the power source.

The resulting magnetic field can be controlled by an app or an IoT device, as well as by a wearable, like the magnetic face cover.

The company claims the device can work in either a home or an office setting, and can provide the magnetic mask to the wearer even if the power supply is switched off.

The magnetic face covers are currently limited to only charging an Arduino Leonardo, but Google says the magnetic faces will soon be available to IoT devices, too.

Google says that the new waveguide will work with “millions of different types of devices, from light bulbs to refrigerators, power outlets, and even home thermostats,” and that it can work with any type of magnet and be used for everything from lighting up a room to controlling a smart meter.

A new product will be launched in the coming weeks that will include these new magnetic masks.

We’re excited to share that Google is now making the magnetic magnetic face shield available for a limited time.

The device can also be used as a power source for smart home appliances and can even power LED lights to a home’s LED display.

The new magnetic face can also act as a mask for the user to protect against diseases or viruses, and it can even be used in conjunction with an LED bulb, which is a popular smart home fixture that is connected to an LED light, which can be powered by a USB port or a solar panel.

The LED bulb can be turned on or off, or it can be connected to a lightbulb or a fan, and if both are powered, the lights can also turn on or turn off.

Google also showed off an example of using the mask to control an LED on a smart lamp, and that includes turning on a light bulb to turn the LED on or turning off a light to turn off the light.

The power source can be switched on or turned off using a switch, and you can also control the lights remotely using Bluetooth.

The magnetic mask can also work with an IoT hub like the Wink smart home hub, and is designed to work with a smart-home automation system like the Nest Learning Thermostat, as shown in the video above.

The mask can be attached to the Nest hub and controlled using the Wink hub app or by a smart app like the smart-control app.

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