The electric car industry is buzzing as the Model 3 and its battery pack is set to hit showrooms across the country.

We’ve already seen electric-powered trucks, SUVs, and even SUVs with fully electric engines in the news.

Now, a new video from an engineer with Tesla, which shows a truck equipped with a Model 3 battery pack.

The video shows a Tesla truck with a fully electric battery pack, which is able to run on 80 percent of the electric power generated by the battery pack itself.

It’s a bold claim that Tesla could make, given that Tesla has been building fully electric cars for decades.

But the truck has a real purpose: To help the Model S, which was built with a similar battery pack as the Tesla Model 3, drive to the dealership for an oil change.

The Model S has been known to go on a bit of a rut, as the battery packs are getting less powerful and cheaper.

With the Model X, Tesla’s battery-packed electric car, Tesla has shown a willingness to push limits in order to make electric vehicles a reality.

But the Model 2 and Model 3 are the only fully electric vehicles Tesla has made to date, and they’re also expensive.

We’ve already written about the $30,000 Tesla Model S and Model X cars that were recently announced for 2017, and the $40,000 Model 3 that was revealed last month.

The company announced that it was working on a $50,000 car, but the vehicle has yet to hit the market.

Tesla is also working on an electric SUV called the Roadster, which will debut later this year.

The Tesla Roadster will be powered by the same battery pack that the Model 4 will be using, and Tesla is promising that it will be able to get to 80 percent efficiency.

That’s a huge achievement for the company, and it shows that Tesla is serious about the electric car market.

But it’s unclear if the Roadsters battery packs will be enough to drive the Model Z, which has a similar lineup to the Model Y. The Roadster and Z will likely compete with each other in the electric-car market.

As the Model M, Model S was one of the first vehicles Tesla unveiled at its electric-vehicle unveiling event in May.

The new vehicle will be the second vehicle to come out of the company’s headquarters, and will compete with the Chevy Bolt, which came out in October.

Tesla has also announced that a new electric car called the Model E, which could be the companys first mass-market electric vehicle, is coming out later this fall.

The company also has plans to make a fully autonomous car that will allow passengers to take control of their vehicles and take off.

Tesla already has a self-driving car called Autopilot, which lets the driver drive a car on its own, but it was recently rolled out to a select group of Tesla customers.

The software works in conjunction with cameras in the vehicle, and Autopilots drivers are allowed to drive without passengers in the car.

The autonomous car will be a huge step forward for Tesla.

It’s a breakthrough in the long-term for electric vehicles, and we expect Tesla to make more of these products in the future.

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