Ulta has a long and storied history of using magnets to help its products work better, but this time the company’s new line of magnetic lashes have made it look like the magnet was really just a fancy way to help it sell more of them. 

Ulta recently started selling its magnetic lashes in the US.

They are actually supposed to be super-fine, so they look like they could be magnetic in the same way that a magnetic nail polish can.

The magnetic lashes aren’t as durable as a real nail, but they do have a magnetic clasp and are made from the same material that makes magnets.

The lashes are also thicker than usual, and the company says the new version is made from “super-thin, high-tech titanium” and “superstrong, super-strong glass.”

The new magnets are also very thin, so the lashes will be much easier to clip onto your face.

Ulta also says that the magnetic lashes work great as a brow pencil or a “quick fix for dry eyes” and that they’re “really good for keeping makeup in place and preventing mascara from flaking off.”

The company is also touting the fact that the new magnets don’t flake, but the only way to know is to try them on.

If you’re not a fan of magnets, the magnetic lash mascara does not have the same magnetic effect as a regular mascara, but it does work.

The only time the magnetic mascara does flake is when the lashes are wet, but there are plenty of people who say they don’t mind it because the lashes don’t seem to be wearing off.

Ultaflakes are made in a tiny, tiny little package that measures only .5mm wide by .8mm thick.

They come in different shades of black, but only the black color is sold, and only for a limited time.

It will sell out on Amazon, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, TargetExpress, Walmart, and most online drugstores.

Ultaflaking.com and Ultaflow.com are two of Ulta’s online stores that sell the mascara, which is available in black, pink, or white.

The mascara will also be available on the Ulta website, Ulta.com, and Ulta mobile app.

The magnets are made out of titanium alloy, which means they have a high density, making them a little less flexible than ordinary magnets.

This is a big advantage, as the titanium alloy is a much stronger material than the typical nylon or polyester that’s used to make magnetic pencils.

Ultapig has been making magnetic lashes since 2007 and sells a variety of different versions, including a magnetic eye shadow brush and a magnetic eyeliner brush.

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