Magnetic north poles are a very good indicator of the direction and strength of the magnetic field on Earth.

It’s been this way for at least 10,000 years.

A magnetic north pole was first detected in the late 19th century by the American astronomer Robert Goddard, but only after he’d been searching for it for decades.

Scientists know this because the north pole has always been about 1.6 degrees west of the equator.

Goddard believed that the north is actually closer to the earth than the south, because the magnetic pole was closer to that direction.

He thought that because the polar ice caps were more north of the polar axis, this caused the magnetic north to move farther north, as opposed to moving farther south.

In fact, that’s exactly what happens.

We know this for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s a fairly simple calculation: For every degree of latitude in the world, we have about 1 degree of north.

So if you want to know how far north you are, you would need to know latitude, and if you’re north of 30 degrees latitude, you need to be north of 80 degrees latitude.

The magnetic north is, therefore, roughly north of 70 degrees latitude for all locations on Earth and it moves north every year.

This is how the polar magnetosphere is always moving, in a way that is similar to how the Earth’s magnetic field is moving.

But, if you were to look at it from a very different perspective, you’d notice that there are more poles than there are lines on the earth.

That’s because, over the last 10,500 years, we’ve moved from the north to the south and back.

Now, because of the changes in the magnetic fields of the Earth, the magnetic poles are farther apart, but the direction of that movement is also slightly different.

When you look at the Earth from a distance of about 2,500 miles, the polar magnetic field appears to be slightly north of North America, which is approximately 20 degrees north.

But because the Earth is a rotating sphere, that makes it look like the polar north is a little bit north of us.

The Earth is rotating, so the magnetic line that the polar field is extending across is actually rotating around the Earth.

This creates an anomaly.

If the Earth was rotating on its axis, there would be an equal amount of north and south poles, and we would all see the same magnetic field.

Instead, the poles are aligned, and the magnetic lines move in a different direction. 

That’s why, in fact, the North Pole is closer than ever to the Earth than the South Pole.

The difference in the direction the polar lines are moving is due to the rotation of the planet around the sun.

The planet’s rotation causes the magnetic North Pole to move more rapidly, and it’s because of that that the Earth appears to have a north-south magnetic field at the poles.

And if you look more closely at the magnetic equator, the lines that make up the magnetic polar line are much farther apart than they would be in the absence of the rotation.

The magnetic North and South Poles are located in the Earths atmosphere, so they are also a good indicator for the strength of Earths magnetic field, which varies from region to region. 

This is because they are able to get information from different parts of the atmosphere and measure the changes.

For example, in the Arctic, the north-southeast winds are blowing toward the pole, and they cause a significant change in the strength and direction of the north and southern polar fields.

However, the change in wind speeds caused by the change of the North and south polar fields is also important.

Because the magnetic direction of winds affects the direction that they’re travelling, the direction in which the north polar field appears in the atmosphere is influenced by the direction these winds are travelling. 

In the same way, the rotation and changes in wind directions are also responsible for the magnetic South Pole, which also changes its direction.

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