If you’ve ever been to a salon where a magnet is used to dry your hair and have noticed the hair being wet, you’ve probably noticed that the hair actually tends to stick to the magnet, causing the hair to stick and dry out.

Now, the folks over at Mascara Science have created a new magnetic lash that will make your hair dryer-resistant without using any magnet.

According to Mascaras patent filing, the magnetic lash is a “dryer lash that can be used as a permanent, magnetically attached magnetic lash.”

The patent also says that this new lash has a magnetization capacity of 10,000 magnetization cycles per second (cycles per second), meaning that it can dry out hair with a minimum of hair.

To create this magnetic lash, the researchers took a dryer lash from a barbershop and attached it to a magnetic wand.

The magnetic lash uses a magnetic motor and magnetic motor housing to control the movement of the magnetic wand to create a magnetic field.

The researchers said that the magnetic lashes have a magnetism capacity of 20,000 cycles per seconds, meaning that they can dry hair at a rate of 100 cycles per minute.

The magnetic lash also has an adjustable length and an adjustable thickness to make it fit into the hair strands, according to the patent.

According the patent, the device has a magnetic capacity of 40,000 cycle per second, meaning it can easily dry hair of up to 1 meter in length.

Mascara’s patent application describes the magnetic eyelashes as having a magnetic force force of 0.1 milliN2.

Mascarmas patent also mentions the magnetic lashes ability to act as a dryers magnet, and said that it also has a power source to charge the magnetic charge.

Maccaras claims that the magnet can also be used to control other parts of the hair, like the magnetized hair and the magnetic mascara, which has a microelectronic control system that is controlled by the magnet and can control the magnetization of the lashes.

According Mascars patent, Mascamet has also filed a patent application that describes the use of the magnets in a “hair gel.”

The application also mentions that the technology can be applied to other hair types as well, like natural hair, synthetic hair, and curly hair.

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