Melbourne’s new magnetar Capital Markets District is now the second magnetar district in the country to receive an A+ rating from the Australian Institute of Economic and Business Research.

Capital Markets is the latest city to get the A+ designation for its magnetar, a district which includes the city’s shopping, entertainment and commercial districts.

It is the first magnetar to receive the accolade.

Magnetar Capital has been the first and only magnetar in Australia to receive a rating of a 4.5 from the AIFBR since 2013.

Magnetic Synonym has been awarded the highest rating at a 5.5 by the AISB.

The rating was previously awarded to the city of Wollongong, with the other three other magnetar districts receiving a 4, 3 and 2.5, respectively.

Magnetari Capital was rated a 3.5 for the fourth time by the ASB, up from a 2.3 last year.

“Magnetaro” was also the name of the district when it was first established, but the capital is now known as “Magnetic Capital”.

Magnetic Slough was the second new magnetara district to receive its A+ certificate last year, while the City of Melbourne is now home to three magnetar capitals.

As the capital markets district continues to develop, it has become more popular with tourists and locals, and is now being used for entertainment events and concerts.

Magntar Capital is located in the heart of Melbourne’s financial district and is just a short drive from the city centre.

It is the gateway to the shopping, dining and nightlife of Melbourne, as well as attracting people from across the globe.

More about magnetar:Magnetare Capital is the second capital markets magnetar of Melbourne.

It is located on the north shore of the River Yarra in the suburb of Woonestraw.

Magistrate Peter Brown said that it was great to see the magnetar continue to grow and develop.

“It has a great vibe, great people and a lot of interest in the city and the region,” he said.

He said the district was currently undergoing significant redevelopment, with plans to transform it into an entertainment district and a major business hub.

There are plans to build a new entertainment district to replace the current strip of flats.

And a new strip of residential flats are planned to replace some of the existing buildings.

New district manager Chris Levett said that the district would be able to continue to attract tourists and residents to the area and that the area would become a destination for people from around the world.

Levett also revealed that the District will be the first to receive two new awards for excellence in magnetare: the A.M.O.S. (Australia on the Move) and the AOSI (Australian Outstanding Services Innovation Award).

“We want to make sure that this district continues in its growth trajectory and will continue to support the vibrancy of Melbourne,” he told the ABC.

“We will be providing additional resources to support this growth and will also continue to expand the magnetare footprint.”

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