Here are the things you need to know before you get started: • First, you’ll need some magnets.

They’re easy to find at the hardware store and you’ll be able to find a few different kinds.

You can get them from a few stores in your area, but most people opt for a large magnet that weighs about 2.5 pounds.

• You’ll also need a knife holder for the magnets.

You’ll want a knife that fits in the top of your refrigerator magnet, but you can also buy one with a hole at the bottom.

• Once you have your magnets, you’re going to want to get a way to attach them to the fridge magnets.

There are plenty of different types of magnets out there, but I like to use a metal plate.

That way, if the magnets fall off, you won’t damage them.

• When you’re ready to build, it’s a good idea to get everything you’ll ever need, including your magnet.

Make sure to get the whole thing.

If you need a way for your magnets to stay put in your refrigerator, get the magnet assembly.

If not, make sure you get the knife holder.

You don’t want your magnets on the knife handle.

• Your magnet will stay attached to the refrigerator magnets if you don’t put a hole in the bottom of your fridge magnet.

You want the hole to be small enough so that you can slide the knife inside the hole.

• This is the best place to start if you want to make your own magnetic knife holder because the magnets can be assembled with a few small screws and small nails.

• If you’re looking for a knife for your fridge magnets that fits into a slot in your fridge, you can buy a magnet that comes with a plastic handle.

It’ll fit in the hole, but it won’t make the magnet bigger.

• The most common kind of magnet for the fridge is the two-sided, two-ply plastic that is popular in kitchen appliances.

You’re probably familiar with the three-ply metal that’s used in kitchen tools, and it’s probably easier to think of the magnetic knife holders as a three-sided magnet, since it’s more difficult to damage a magnetic knife.

I like the two sided magnet, which I can put on my refrigerator magnets easily and easily.

It’s also cheaper and easier to use than the three sided magnet.

• My magnets don’t look too much different than the ones that you’d get at the local hardware store.

If they look a little different, they’re probably the same type of magnet, or the same size, but they don’t come with a metal sleeve.

If I were making a new refrigerator magnet or magnetic knife handle, I’d get a new magnet that came with a magnet sleeve that I can slip it in the magnet.

What I like about magnets is that they’re relatively inexpensive.

They cost about $3 or $4 at the dollar store.

They have no magnets, so they’re just magnets.

When you add up the price, it costs about $2 or $3.

If magnets cost $3 to make, you could probably make the magnets yourself, which means you could save about $5 to $7.

The cheapest way to make a magnet for your refrigerator is to buy one at a hardware store that has magnets that are about the same length as the magnets in your kitchen tools.

You might want to buy two of the same kind of magnets for the same amount of money.

A two-way magnetic knife can be purchased at most hardware stores for about $15.

You will probably have to buy the metal one, though, since you’ll have to cut the metal part of the magnet, not the metal handle.

You may also want to consider buying a small metal knife that can hold a magnet and hold it in place.

If so, the price is less, and you can just buy the knife.

If the magnets are more expensive, you may want to use the smaller magnet that you already have.

You could also try out a magnet holder that comes in a plastic container.

The magnet will hold the magnets without any magnets, and the magnet holder can also hold the metal knife.

You won’t have to worry about damaging the knife, but the plastic container will hold more magnets.

If using the knife on a knife, make the knife very long, as the knife might get in the way of the magnets when they’re attached.

If it’s something like a kitchen knife, it may be better to have the knife attached to a metal handle instead of the plastic handle, because the knife will hold it just fine.

How to build a magnetic kitchen knife: To make your first magnetic knife, you will need two magnets.

First, make two of each of the two types of magnet.

One of the smaller ones is a two-strand aluminum.

If your fridge has two magnets, one is a 2-stranded

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