The magnet school at the Coral Gables school in Coral Gable, Florida, was the first magnet school to open in the state.

And it’s a magnet.

The school has the same name, but it is a magnet instead of a magnet, and it’s called the Magnet School.

The magnet has an enormous magnet array of nearly 200 magnets, and magnet students can use those magnets to power their devices.

This has become a magnet-related phenomenon in Florida.

It started in the 1990s.

When the state began expanding magnet schools, the state decided to open up magnet schools to students who weren’t magnetically inclined.

The idea was to give students with less interest in sports, music, or academics a chance to go to a magnet to make them more likely to have a positive life.

The first magnet schools opened in Florida in 1996, and there have been hundreds since.

The schools were supposed to provide an outlet for students who might otherwise not be interested in magnetism.

But the magnet schools didn’t seem to work.

In 2006, Florida opened its first magnet university.

Magnet students were given a chance at a magnet course at the university, which was then known as the University of Florida.

There are about 100 magnet schools in Florida today, according to the Florida Department of Education.

But there is another magnet school that’s not at the University.

That school is a private school called the John C. Calhoun Magnet School in Lakeland, Florida.

According to the school’s website, the school is “dedicated to providing an intellectually rigorous education that will prepare our students to be the leaders and citizens of the future.”

But it is not a magnet in the traditional sense.

It is not, for example, a magnet for people who are magnets.

But it’s not a place for those students to go.

It’s a place to receive a magnet education.

This is where the school has its magnet array.

In the middle of the night, students can pull out their devices and use them to power lights, phones, computers, and other electronics.

There is also a magnet gym, and the school says it offers classes that include a course in magnetic fields.

In all, the magnet school has about 300 students, many of them magnetically active, according the school.

The reason for the magnet is to teach students how to use magnets to do their work in a productive way.

And this is what the magnet does.

It helps students learn how to build a positive magnet environment.

So students who have an interest in doing something that they love and that they’re passionate about, then they will get the best education.

The students are learning that learning and learning about magnets is a part of the magnet curriculum, and they’re also learning how to apply their skills and their expertise to the physical world.

And the school said that this is an environment where students can have a life.

But that is not to say the students don’t have their own concerns.

Some students at the school say they are concerned that the magnet may be a magnet that has a negative effect on the students’ physical well-being.

In Florida, there are two kinds of magnet schools: magnet schools and magnet academies.

The state is not yet calling all the magnet acadms magnet schools because they are not yet open.

But some schools are starting to do that, and that has created an issue.

Some parents of magnet school students have said that it is difficult for the children to learn how they can apply their talents to the real world.

Many parents are not happy that the school doesn’t have a separate magnet school.

Some schools are also not doing enough to educate students about their rights as students and parents of students.

And some parents of the students are saying that the schools are not doing their jobs properly.

So it’s difficult for parents and students to have the conversation about the education of the children in these magnet schools.

But many parents are saying it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

I think parents of those students are entitled to an education, and I think there needs to really be some sort of process that is going to be set up in order to ensure that all of the kids that come into these magnet education schools are educated properly.

This school has been in place for more than 10 years.

But now, the education is starting to take place.

This magnet school is one of about 10 magnet schools around the country that have been approved by the state of Florida for their use in magnet schools nationwide.

The next school will be approved in 2018.

And then in 2019, the next school that is approved will be in the school district.

We’re hopeful that the process will go as smoothly as it has for this school.

It will be a very long road to getting that school approved.

But we are hopeful that it will go well and that all the students will be well-prepared for the learning that they are going to get in this school and they will

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