It’s a great time to be a magnet.

Electric eyelashes are a $400+ luxury that are being embraced by people in the U.S. The new trend of using magnets in the design of their eyelashes has been on the rise in the past few years, and is now available in a whole range of colors.

So what’s the difference between a magnetic eyelash and an electric eyelash?

According to The Verge, magnets are used to attach the top of an eyelash to the inside of the eyelash.

They’re not a permanent part of the design, but they provide a great way to ensure that the wearer’s eyelashes do not fall off.

For example, a magnet on the side of a cat’s nose could make it harder for it to get trapped underneath the fur and become an infection.

However, it’s also possible to use a magnet as a way to get a magnet in the eye and then attach the eyelashes to it, so it’s definitely worth exploring.

Here are the top 5 best electric lashes available for 2018: 1.

Petal Magnetic Eye Lashes $400 The Petal magnetic eye lashes are the most popular of all the electric eyelashed styles.

They come in four different colors: a blue, a light gray, a medium gray, and a dark gray.

The Petals are a slightly thicker version of the standard magnetic lashes, and they’re made of an adhesive-like material that has a very thin layer of elastic that holds the eyelids in place.

They are also made of a unique material called a magnetite, which is extremely strong and durable.

They also come in a range of different colors and styles.

The magnetic eyelashing is a $500+ luxury, and it’s made of something called magnetite.

Magnetic lashes are made of high-quality magnets and have a very strong adhesive, which makes them incredibly durable and waterproof.

They can also be applied with a lot of different applications, so if you’re looking to buy a magnet lashes, this is the style for you.

The $500 price tag for the Petal lashes is the highest of any of the magnetic eyelashed brands on the market, but it does come with some limitations, though.

There are only two colors available at this time, and each of the three colors are only available for one year of purchase.

The magnetite that the Petals come in is the most expensive magnetite on the planet.

It costs about $150 per magnetite unit.

Petals can be bought online or at specialty stores, and there are also other high-end brands that are making a few magnets to go along with their eye lashes.

You can find these on Amazon, Walmart, and even some local pet store chains.

There’s a reason why they’re so expensive, though: magnets are incredibly heavy.

When you place them on a magnet, the weight of the magnets can easily crush your eyelashes.

Petaling can also cause a lot more irritation than regular magnets, which can cause a few permanent damage to the eyelid, and some people may have trouble wearing the eyelader.

The only way to avoid this is to try to wear the magnets in a magnetized setting.

But if you want to go the extra mile and buy a set of Petals that you can wear all year, we’re sure that you’ll love them!

Petal Lash $150 The Petaling Magnetic Eye Lash is the second-best electric lash that you could buy for 2018, and the price tag is also the highest at $150.

The Magnetic Lash is made of magnets that have a thick adhesive that’s very strong.

The eyelashes come in five different colors, and one can be applied in any order.

The most popular magnets in this set are a blue and a light green, and that color is called Petal Light.

Petaled Lashes are available online and at, and Petals also has a few more affordable styles, like Petal Black and Petal Dark.

This is the best price for an electric lash, and if you only need one, you can definitely spend the extra money and get it at Petal.

It’s also a great option for people who are worried about allergies and want to protect their eyes from allergies, but don’t want to have to spend the $300+ to get it. 2.

Petral Magnetic Eyelash $100 The Petral magnetic eyelasher is another popular magnetic lash for 2018.

This time, the magnetic lashes come in three different colors; a blue color, a dark green color, and an olive green.

The colors can be used with a variety of different application styles, so you can pick a magnetic lashes style that suits your style of makeup.

The cost of the Petaling lashes is also $100 higher than the Petalist magnetic eyelattes, and you can get the Petaled eyelash at Petals, Petals’ website, or other retailers.

If you’re thinking of

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