A magnet is a material that has the ability to bend or move in a specific way.

These bendable magnets are used in a wide variety of applications, such as for cutting, for moving objects, and for building buildings.

They’re also used in many different applications, including for building electrical components and the electronics in your home, your car, and your smartphone.

A magnet is made of a group of atoms of iron and zinc.

These atoms have two protons and two neutrons.

The protons have electrons attached to them, while the neutrons have electrons inside them.

These two protrons and two electrons create a magnetic field that attracts each other.

When an object moves, its magnetic field will cause a particular spot on the object’s surface to attract and repel the object.

When an object is pulled, its field will pull that object toward the center of that spot.

In the case of magnets, the attraction and repulsion are due to a magnetic dipole.

A dipole is a pair of oppositely-directed poles.

A magnet has a dipole and it’s usually composed of a thin sheet of iron or aluminum.

It’s usually made of an alloy of nickel and zinc that has been nickel-manganese-cadmium-tin-lead-zinc alloyed with titanium.

This alloy has a high melting point, so the iron is at room temperature and the aluminum is at low temperatures.

When you’re using an aluminum magnet, it will have a lower melting point than when you’re creating a magnet of aluminum.

An object with a magnetic pole that’s opposite to the magnetic dipoles will repel an object with the same dipole (which can be a metal object).

The repulsion is due to the fact that the two opposite poles are aligned.

You can imagine this by thinking of a pair in a pair that’s spinning.

The magnets in the two objects are in the same direction and both objects are spinning.

However, the magnet in the spinning object will attract the other object and repels the spinning one.

In contrast, an object that has a magnetic opposite pole will attract an object which has a magnet opposite the magnet.

This is because the magnet is aligned in such a way that it can’t repel a magnet in a different direction.

This is a picture of a magnet.

In the center is the pole of a magnetic rod.

The magnetic field of the magnet has an angle that is perpendicular to the pole.

In this picture, the poles of the two rods are in a line.

In fact, they are in an inverted triangle.

It is because of the orientation of the magnetic poles that a magnetic force is generated when the object is moving.

This force is called a magnetic pull.

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