A magnetic lock is a device that magnetically connects a door, window or window cover to a wall or floor.

It can be used to stop thieves from breaking into homes, office buildings or offices.

It also has the ability to be used as a door or window lock.

But if thieves are going to break into your home, you may not want to buy the magnetar capital. 

In a magnetic locks trial last year, the Federal Trade Commission determined that magnetic locks made in China were far more expensive than similar locks that are made in the United States, the BBC reported. 

“In our opinion, this market has become so saturated that the cost per magnetar is almost as high as the cost of a comparable lock, which means the magnets in these locks are often not even competitive with comparable products in the marketplace,” said Mark A. Tessler, the FTC’s assistant commissioner for enforcement.

Testers found that, on average, a magnetar lock costs about $5 more than a comparable steel lock, and the magnetic lock costs an average of $8 more than its steel counterpart.

In a 2015 study of more than 100 locks, the International Federation of Home Appliance Manufacturers found that most magnets are made from metal that has a high melting point, making them harder to break and harder to work with.

It said the magnets were not used to prevent theft. 

The study did not examine the cost to thieves of having a magnetic lock.

The FTC said it has ordered magnetic locks from companies that do. 

A new study also showed that thieves often break into homes using a home security system. 

Tessler said the FTC has been investigating manufacturers who do not follow their own safety guidelines. 

According to the FTC, about 3 percent of the nation’s locks and locksmiths are engaged in the counterfeit-lock business.

The company is also working to ensure that these locks and its products are not made in a manner that allows the manufacture of magnets with a low melting point or low strength. 

For more information, visit the FTC website at: http://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/magnetarsafety/index.html

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