IGN has a new cover article.

The first is a brand-new cover for the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4, featuring a look at how the games will look, sound, and interact.

You can read about that article here.

For now, IGN will have a new front page dedicated to this new Xbox One cover story, featuring the new cover art and a look inside the game’s development pipeline.

The new cover features a look on how the game will look.

You’ll also see a sneak peek at the game and the new Xbox game modes it will offer.

The cover also shows the Xbox One’s ability to use the Kinect camera, as well as the new “Kinect” app for game controllers.

The Xbox One has an array of game modes for both online play and couch co-op.

You could use your controller to control your Xbox One in multiplayer mode or play in an online game with up to eight people, or you could use the gamepad to control a game on a television or computer.

It’s possible to control the Xbox with Kinect, too, though there are restrictions on how far you can move and how fast you can control your character.

The next cover features the Xbox app, which lets you use your TV, game console, and other devices to control Xbox One.

You’ve probably seen some of these features in games like Uncharted 4 and Gears of War 4.

We’ve also got a look behind the scenes at some of the game engines Microsoft is using to make the Xbox and PS4 games look great.

In the cover story’s first section, IGN’s editor-in-chief Greg Miller talks about how Microsoft plans to use Kinect to add new experiences to the Xbox.

The Kinect will be the engine that powers the Xbox gamepad, so it will provide more ways for Xbox gamers to connect and interact with their TV.

But Microsoft isn’t the only developer using Kinect to bring new experiences and features to the console.

Sony, for example, has a Kinect game controller that works with PS4 and Xbox One games.

Miller explains how Microsoft’s game controllers will play off the Kinect gamepad.

The gamepad’s Kinect input is already well known to Xbox gamers, but Microsoft is still using it to bring a lot of new games to the system.

This feature will give gamers the ability to control their TV with Kinect on the Xbox, and it will also allow developers to create games that look great on the new hardware.

The cover also has some inside-the-game-development footage showing the Xbox’s new “Xbox SmartGlass” app.

Microsoft says that this new app lets developers create “smart” games on the system, such as smart-glass-based games for the Xbox 360 and Kinect games for Xbox One that use the camera, but it also includes a lot more features that players can use.

Microsoft has been working on this feature for some time, and we expect to see it eventually on Xbox One, too.

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