Magnetic keys are a popular toy but what if they could also be a lifesaver?

Here are our picks for the best magnetic key holders around the world.


Aussie company Aussie Keys offers magnetic keyholders in all kinds of different shapes and sizes to suit different budgets and needs.

It’s the company behind Magnetic Key Keeper, which is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

It comes in a range of colours including blue, red and white.

The company is hoping to expand to other countries by 2019.

Magnetic Key Key Keeper has a magnetic strip inside the key that can hold a number of items, including a keychain, a wallet, a smartphone and a keyring.

The device has been tested in a car, a child’s play area and a car park.

The magnetic strip can be set to hold any number of objects or items and can be easily removed when not in use.

You can even attach magnets to the key to make it more permanent.

A key holder with a magnetic key A keychain is a popular way to store items and also has its place in a home.

It is usually used for keys, wallet and credit cards, as well as jewellery, keys and coins.

It also acts as a secure lock to keep items away from thieves, a key is a magnet and the keyring is a magnetic lock.

Key rings are also popular, as they can hold the right number of coins and keys, and are usually used to hold items in a safe, car or even a pocket.


UK company Magnetic Keykeeper Magnetic Keykits are a great way to keep your valuables safe.

You need to buy a key holder to secure your keys and to store them in the key.

There are various types of magnetic keykits available, ranging from cheap ones with a magnet on the bottom to more expensive ones with more sophisticated magnetic strips on the top.

They can be bought from hardware stores, petrol stations and online.

You will need to secure the key with a lock if you want to store it in the car or in a bag.


UK-based company Akey is an online retailer and online store selling magnetic key keys and keyrings.

You must buy the key holder yourself or purchase a key ring from them, but you can also buy the magnet and magnet strip separately.

The key is usually attached to the magnetic strip and is magnetic, too.

The strips come in different sizes and colours and are sold for around $3.

The magnets come in various sizes and can even hold magnets.

The Magnetic Key Ring Magnetic Key rings can be used to lock your keyrings and to keep them securely attached to your keyring and to the lock.


UK based company Keychains can also be used for keeping valuable items, such as jewlers’ purses, mobile phones, wallets and keys.

Keychains come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can hold many different items.


UK and Australian based company A key-holder with magnets A key ring is a simple and simple way to secure and protect your key to keep it safe.

Keyrings can be attached to key rings or magnet strips to make them more permanent and can also act as a magnetic safe.


UK online store The Magnetic Lock Magnetic locks can also keep items in place and can lock a key to the door.

Keyring holders can also lock keys in a garage and to lock the door of your home.

They come in many different sizes.


UK shop The Keypad Magnetic keys can also help to lock items securely in a pocket or wallet.

Keypad magnets can be found in many shapes and colours, and can attach to keyrings, wallet, keys, phone and even jewellery.


UK store The Key Locker The Key Lock is a key-based system that can lock your keys to your car or home.

The system has been popular with children and adults and is used in a wide variety of situations.

The Keylock system can be configured for different types of keys, such a car key, mobile key, wallet key and more.

It has a range in different colours and sizes, including black and blue.


UK retailer Akey offers magnetic lockers in different styles.

You’ll need to pay for the magnets separately.


UK manufacturer Magnetic Key Holder Magnetic Key Kites are an excellent way to protect your valuvables from thieves.

The Keys can be put in a key, a magnet or both, and then attached to a key or key ring to keep the items safe.


UK to UK online retailer Magnetic Keykeys can also come in handy to secure keys, keys or keys to a car.


UK seller The Magnetic Wristband Magnetic wristbands are used in the UK and Australia to secure items in the home or at a hotel.

They have magnets on the outside and can act as keys, lock rings or key

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