There are many reasons why this upcoming Spider-Movies is going to be a great one to watch.

First, it’s based on a comic book storyline and a movie franchise that has already been on the big screen for decades.

Second, the Spider-verse is going through a period of transition with the departure of Peter Parker and his partner, Ben Reilly, in the new film.

It’s also the first time we’ll see Spideys main love interest, Mary Jane Watson, in a major role.

And finally, the movie’s plot centers around a group of high school students who are about to embark on a trip to the future and are taken in by an evil alien named Electro.

The film is going on a roll, with the first teaser trailer dropping yesterday.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the trailer: In this trailer, Electro is shown holding a gun and says, “I’m gonna show you my powers.”

I was thinking of this scene as a reference to one of the great comic book characters, Captain Marvel.

I think we’re going to get to see this character’s powers in action in a big way in the upcoming Spider Man films.

I was hoping to have this scene in the film, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Luckily, we got a hint when we saw this scene.

Electro’s name is in the title of the trailer, which is a cool way to start off a new trailer, I thought.

So, we’re definitely going to see Electro in action.

Electro is the villain in the comic books, but he’s also a powerful and charismatic supervillain.

In the film’s trailer, he says that he’s a hero for taking on the evil Electro and protecting innocent people.

This is an incredible way to kick off a trailer.

The villain of the day is Electro, who is played by Tom Holland.

Holland is a huge Spider-man fan, and he was on hand at the Comic-Con panel to introduce Spider-Men: Homecoming.

Spider-Fans have been waiting patiently for this one for a long time.

The trailer is really fun and a bit of a departure from the usual Spider-Monsters that are usually released during the summer, but it’s a very different vibe from previous films.

We also got to see a lot of the new characters, and they’re all pretty fun.

Spider Man is back, and the team is all set to take on Electro.

Spider Gwen (Lydia DeRoss) and her friends are going to have a blast as they travel the globe together.

Spider Jane (Marisa Tomei) is going into a whole new world with a new team, and she’s also going to meet her own kind of supervillains.

Spider Peter (Jacob Batalon) and his girlfriend, Mary, are still in school and are going through their first year together.

But the movie also includes a number of new villains like Electro and the Skrulls, who are a new kind of villain that are in the comics.

Spider Queen (Karen Fukuhara) is back to help Spider-Gwen and Peter-Gren (Michael Keaton) as they navigate their new school year.

We’ll see more of Spider-Baron, a new villain who has been on Spider-Verse since the first film.

And Peter will be faced with a lot more competition as he tries to keep the world safe from Electro’s evil.

The new trailer also shows some of the original costumes that have been in use since the comics began.

This new costume has a few differences compared to the old costumes, but they are all still good looking and fun to look at.

The team is still using the iconic Spider-Vision style that was seen in the first movie, but we also got a look at the new look for Electro.

Electro was shown as a man who has a metal face, but the new design makes him look more human.

This makes the villain’s face look more realistic, too.

Electro has a more metallic look to him, but this costume gives him a more human look.

And the costumes for Peter and Mary Jane are still the same ones that they have been since the original movies.

We have some familiar faces in this new version of Spider Queens team, but Spider-Eyes will also have a new look to it.

Peter has a new costume and the villains are still using classic look to their faces, but now Electro has his own look.

Spiderman is also back in action, but his new look is very different than the one we saw in the movie.

SpiderMan is still a pretty intimidating villain.

He’s still very intimidating, but with this new look he’s still a much more playful villain.

Electro also looks a lot like Spider-Woman, who was seen on the movie posters.

We saw Electro in the trailer as a giant spider, but in the actual movie, we can see that Electro has

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