The inventor of the first radio and television signals, Nikola Tesla, believed the earth had a magnetic field.

But the first practical magnetometer was invented by British physicist John F. Wheeler in 1874.

Tesla was a visionary.

He was born on December 15, 1844, in the United Kingdom.

He had no education or background, and his family was poor.

He began his career in science, becoming a mechanic and a chemist.

He took an interest in the development of electric power and in electrical engineering, and in the possibility of making light.

In 1876, at the age of 32, he founded a company that sold electric-power equipment to local governments.

In 1880, he became a partner in Tesla’s company, and together they became the Tesla Motor Company.

The company had a long and successful life.

It built the first automobile, the Model T, and also built a series of steam-powered engines.

In the 1890s, Tesla built the world’s first commercial magnetometer.

It was a metal bar that held a wire in a coil, and could measure the strength of the wire.

He named it the “Magneto.”

He patented the idea in 1882, but his patent was never issued.

His inventions eventually made him a millionaire.

In 1893, Tesla married Sarah Jane, and they had a daughter, Maria.

They moved to New York City, where they worked in the electrical department of the city’s public library.

He developed a magnetic pickup tool that was patented in 1906.

He sold the company in 1907.

He founded the Tesla Electric Machine Company in 1910, and it became a world-famous maker of electric vehicles.

Tesla had other ideas, and he began working on a better method for measuring magnetic fields.

In 1912, he patented a new method for determining the strength and direction of an electric field, and published his first scientific paper on the subject.

His discovery was made in 1916.

It has been used by scientists for years.

Tesla also developed the first electromechanical calculator that used magnetic values to determine the speed of an electrical current.

It is called the Tesla Electromechanical Calculator.

Tesla died in 1917, at age 67.

His company, Tesla Motor, became a national leader in electric vehicles, and many of his inventions are still in use today.

Tesla’s daughter, Tesla’s granddaughter, Maria, is the daughter of the inventor and the wife of the chairman of the board of the Tesla Corporation.

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